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Oliver Collignon, DIPL.-ING., ARCHITEKT BDA Oliver Collignon is the creative mind behind innovative, sustainable buildings, urban strategies and integrated design concepts which are created by close teamwork in his design studio. Oliver was born in Munich – mother a designer, father a photographer – and studied architecture and philosophy in Berlin, Stuttgart and Chicago. He graduated in architecture in 1984 in Berlin, before moving to London for 8 years. After activities in business, property development and as an architect, among others, at Richard Rogers Partnership in London, he founded his own architectural studio in Berlin in 1994. In 1996 he became member of the BDA, Confederation of Leading German Architects. With the European Architects’ Alliance (EAA), Oliver works for exchange and co-operation on a European level. Pursuing architectural projects in Asia he has been expert speaker in conferences in China, focussing on issues of sustainability. Oliver Collignon supports the arts and environmental issues as well as social and charity projects. • 2006 Rotary Club Berlin-Humboldt • 2009 „Group 09“ supporting the historic Bauhaus-Archive in Berlin • 2010 “Bundesstiftung Baukultur” a semi-governmental organisation advancing the quality of our built environment • 2010 “Create Berlin” an association of the creative industries promoting design in the capital

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