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Sustainable architecture – concepts for a livable future” There is a global perspective on “sustainability”: Humankind’s duty is not to save the planet but to save itself and its own system. Apart from protecting the environment, the true meaning of sustainability is: Preserving and developing culture, supporting creativity and communication, creating beauty, joy and quality of life for ourselves and for future generations. The seven fundamentals of sustainable architecture and urban planning are: • Reduction of pollution / Carbon Dioxide Emissions • Energy efficiency • The right choice of materials • Flexibility and extended life cycles • Recycling existing and obsolete buildings • Improvement of the personal environment • Advancement of social exchange and communication Visions to that end are the soul of our work. The use and development of appropriate technologies is a key tool in our work for sustainable environments. It is not the technical means by themselves but the orchestration of holistic concepts, the right mix of the right ingredients, which make a good building. We work with the best specialists in well orchestrated teams to create environments for beauty, quality of living, effi- cient working, a low-carbon-footprint and flexibility for the future.

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